Away from Work?

Are you taking a leave from work due to medical reasons?

Are you on WCB – STD or LTD?

Going off on maternity leave?

Please call the Local office at 780-430-4616 or email so the Local Executive may assist you with the process.

It is important to contact your Local Executive prior to or as soon as you go off on leave, and prior to returning to work for guidance so that we help you navigate through the system and know who to contact. The HR advisor and manager are not privy to your medical information, Canada Life Advisor and AHS Abilities Advisors are privy to medical information. If you are returning from work with any modified hours or modified duties, it is the Union’s position, provincially and locally, that a gradual return to work meeting should be held with yourself, manager, HR and Union representation.

Please reach out to your manager and ask for a return to work meeting and that that the Union be invited.

All information will be kept secure and confidential.

Here are some resources if you are off on leave:

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