Dealing with Occupational Health and Safety Issues/Concerns

Employees have the right to raise concerns regarding health and safety matters in your workplace. The employer is legally responsible to provide Employees with a safe and healthy workplace. The workplace is defined as any place that Employees perform work as directed by the Employer.

The AHS/UNA Collective Agreement sets out a specific process for dealing with OH&S issues/concerns. Article 34: Occupational Health and Safety requires that there be an Occupational Health and Safety Committee with representatives of the Union (Local 196) and the Employer (Alberta Health Services). This committee meets monthly and Local 196 OH&S Committee representatives are elected at the Local Annual General Meeting.

The Local 196 OH&S Committee chair is:

Sandi Johnson: email: sjohnson@una.ca

Process for dealing with OH&S Issues/Concerns:

1. When an OH&S concern is raised, it must be reported on a UNA OH&S form, My Safety Net (AHS Insite) and reported to the Supervisor/Manager. My Safety Net report is completed whenever an employee experiences a work-related incident, hazard, illness or injury.  Once the MSN report has been submitted, they will receive an email back that acknowledges receipt of the report. This email will contain the incident number assigned to their report and a link to the report so it can be viewed. Please send this email to the Chair above.

2.  The Manager/Supervisor must attempt to resolve the concern at the local/site level. Using the report incident number, the employee sends an email to their Manager, in approximately one week after they have submitted their MSN report, requesting a copy of the Corrective Action report for their MSN. This is a report that is automatically generated when the MSN report was submitted. The Manager is required to complete it and share it with the employee. Once the employee receives this, please send a copy to the Chair. The Corrective Action report will determine next steps in the complaint investigation.

3. If the concern is not resolved with the Corrective Action Report, the Local 196 OH&S Committee will see that it is presented to the appropriate Joint Workplace Health and Safety Committee (JWHSC).

4. If the issue is not resolved at the JWHS Committee, then it moves to the CEO level.

5. Once the issue is referred to the CEO a resolution meeting is set up to discuss the issue within 21 calendar days. The CEO must provide the Local with a written reply within 7 calendar days. If the issue remains unresolved then it moves to the AHS Board.

6. The Local has the right to present the concern and recommendations to the AHS Board. The Board then has 14 calendar days to provide a response to the Local.


UNA Workplace_Violence_and_Harassment_Manual


Government of Alberta OH&S Documents:

Alberta OH&S Act – Highlights of Changes Effective June 1, 2018

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WCB Documents:

How to complete a worker WCB claim for psychological injury

WCB – Psychological Injuries

WCB Psychological Injury Determination

WCB Worker Reporting Form c060 with instructions

WCB – Progressive Disease Questionnaire

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