Occupational Health & Safety Committee

Nursing is a demanding and hazardous profession with some of the highest rates of injury and illness. You and your fellow Local 196 members and dues payers have the right to raise concerns regarding health and safety issues in your workplace. The employer is legally responsible to provide a safe and healthy workplace. Your workplace is defined as any place you are required to perform work as directed by your employer (home, school, clinic, church, residence, etc.)

The Collective Agreement outlines a specific process for dealing with OH&S issues and concerns, regardless of what processes or procedures the employer chooses to utilize. Article 34: Occupational Health and Safety refers to an OH&S Committee that is made up of Union and Employer representatives. The committee meets monthly and Local 196 OH&S Committee members are elected at the Local AGM.

Process for dealing with an OH&S concern:

1. Discuss the concern with your supervisor or manager in an attempt to resolve the issue. If unable to resolve, please complete the UNA OH&S from below or via the una.ca website (preferred) and contact your Local 196 OH&S Representative. If you encounter difficulties completing the form, speak with your site’s Local 196 representative.

OH&S Form

2. Local 196 representatives will then present the concern to the OH&S Committee and make recommendations  for eliminating or controlling the hazard. If this issue is not resolved, it will be advanced to Step 3.

3. The issue is referred to the Alberta Health Services CEO and a meeting is set to discuss the issue within 21 days. If no resolution is found, the issue  is advanced to the Alberta Health Services Board.

4. Local 196 representatives will present the issue, along with recommendations, to the Alberta Health Services Board. The Board will then have 14 days to respond.


Sandi Johnson (Co-Chair) email: sjohnson@una.ca

To contact a committee member or for more information, please email local196exec@una.ca or call the Local 196 office at 780-430-4616, or fax 780-493-8579.

Government of Alberta OH&S Documents:

Alberta OH&S Act – Highlights of Changes Effective June 1, 2018

Health and Safety Representatives

Joint Worksite Health and Safety Committee

Do I need a joint worksite Health and Safety Committee

Worker Participation in Health and Safety

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