Collective Agreement
Collective Agreement

New Members
Introduction to UNA:  UNA intro.pdf                                                                                                 

Roles and Responsibilities Documents:
Office Rep: Local 196 Office Rep R&Rs (Sept.2022)
Orientation Video for Office Reps:                                                                                                                                          OH&S Committee: Local 196 OH&S Committee R&Rs (Dec.2019)
PRC Committee: Local 196 PRC Committee R&Rs (Dec, 2019)
Education Committee: Local 196 Education Committee R&Rs (Sept.2019)
Communication Committee: Local 196 Communication Committee R&Rs (Jan.2020)
Advocacy and Engagement Committee: Local 196 Advocacy and Engagement Committee R&Rs May,2020

Nomination Forms
Local 196 Executive/Committee member: Local 196 Nomination Form
Voting Delegate for Provincial AGM: Nomination AGM
Voting Delegate for Provincial DSM: Nomination DSM
Voting Delegate for Provincial Reporting Meeting: Nomination Form for Reporting Meeting

FTE Calculations: FTE.pdf
Seniority Declaration: Seniority Declaration.pdf
Vacation Guidelines: Vacation.pdf
Member Engagement Funding: Member Engagement Criteria

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