Professional Responsibility Concerns

As nurses working in the community, members of Local 196 have the right and the responsibility to advocate for conditions that allow for quality client/patient/resident care. Issues may include inadequate staffing levels, equipment or facility concerns, or any issue that effects your ability to meet your professional standards of care.

The Collective Agreement outlines a specific process for dealing with Professional Responsibility Concerns (PRC) in Article 36: Professional Responsibility. As per the Collective Agreement, Local 196 has an established Professional Responsibility Committee that meets monthly with the employer to present and resolve concerns. Local 196 representatives are elected at the Local AGM.

Process for dealing with Professional Responsibility Concerns:

1. Gather and document facts and details regarding the specific situation, ensuring that no identifying information of clients or staff is included.

2. Discuss your concerns with your supervisor/manager and explain that a PRC will be filed. If necessary, a PRC Committee member is available to attend this meeting on your behalf. The goal is to resolve the issue at this level. However, even if issues are resolved at this level, a PRC form should be submitted for tracking purposes and to document ongoing problems.

3. The PRC Form is now available electronically or simply by going to UNA’s main webpage at and selecting the Professional Responsibility button on the right hand side UNA’s home page. ***Electronically filed PRCs are preferred***

4. A PRC Committee member will contact the nurse/nurses involved for further details.

5. The PRC will be presented to the Employer/Union Committee. It will continue to be addressed at meetings until a resolution is reached. The nurse/nurses filing the PRC will be notified of the outcome.

Reporting a PRC checklist

PRC Best Practice Document – AHS/Covenant (2019)

Best Practice in PRC Joint Presentation – UNA and AHS:

Joy Arntzen (Local President) –

To contact a committee member or for more information, please email or call the Local 196 office at 780-430-4616, or fax 780-493-8579.

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