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By United Nurses of Alberta, January 22, 2021

“Members of United Nurses of Alberta are advised to make a request immediately to use their accumulated overtime and vacation.

Article 8.01 (c) of the UNA Provincial Collective Agreement states that “Overtime may be accumulated and taken in time off at a mutually acceptable time at the applicable premium rate. Time off not taken by March 31 in any given year shall be paid out unless otherwise mutually agreed. Such request to carry over lieu time shall be submitted by the Employee in writing prior to March 31, and shall not be unreasonably denied.”

Article 17.03 (c) states that notwithstanding Article 17.03(a), which says all vacation accumulated in one year must be taken during the next year at a mutually agreeable time, “an Employee may be permitted to carry forward a portion of unused vacation to the next vacation year. Requests to carry forward vacation shall be made in writing and shall not be unreasonably denied.”

Because of the pressures from COVID-19 facing all Alberta public health care employers, few UNA members have had the opportunity to use their accumulated overtime and vacation.

Because of the same circumstances, UNA members who ask to use overtime or vacation days now may be denied their request.

So it is extremely important to apply to use vacation as soon as possible if employees hope in the event they cannot use their overtime or vacation time to have those carried over as allowed by Article 8.01 (c) and Article 17.03 (c).

UNA urges employees to speak with their manager immediately and give them a written request about using accumulated time as soon as possible. If an answer is not forthcoming from your manager, contact them and ask again.

Keep a record of your discussion with your manager and any response you receive. In the event of any dispute, this will help UNA assist you in ensuring you are able to carry forward this additional time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your UNA Local Executive or Labour Relations Officer at 1-800-252-9394.”