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Following the success of our Jan. 2021 event, United Nurses of Alberta is hosting a second Wellness Day on May 12, 2021.

Focusing on mental health self-care and laughter, this day-long Wellness Day event will feature speakers Anthony McLean, Big Daddy Taz and Barb Campbell, who will share skills that can help UNA members boost their resiliency, teach relaxation and stress relieving methods, and how to cope with an ever changing workplace.

UNA President Heather Smith and Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions President Linda Silas will bring welcoming remarks.


UNA members planning to attend are encouraged to request a Professional Development Day.

Members who are unable attend this symposium live will have the opportunity to view a recorded version following the event. More information will be available soon on how to access the recording and the deadline when it will no longer be available as per the terms of the presenters.

May 12 Wellness Day Schedule

Mental Health Selfcare and Laughter

845 – Yoga

930 – Introduction and land acknowledgment        

935 – Heather Smith

950 – Linda Silas

1010 – Coffee Break

1030 – Big Daddy Taz

1200 – Lunch

1300 – Anthony McLean

1430 – Break 

1450 – Barb Campbell

1600 – Adjournment 

Guest Speakers

Mental Health in Times of Change with Anthony McLean

Counseling services have seen a 400% increase in people reaching out for help during the COVID-19 crisis. This time of massive change has left many feeling vulnerable and uncertain about the future, but there are scientifically proven skills that can help boost our resiliency so that we can cope with challenges.

In this interactive presentation, Anthony McLean shares practical coping skills for stress as well as the importance of reaching out for help when we’re really struggling. Above all, he reminds us that mental health is a journey we take as a community, and that when we support each other, we break the stigma around mental health and empower those who need it the most.

Audiences will learn:

• The difference between everyday ups and downs, temporary mental health problems, and mental illnesses.

• Healthy coping skills to deal with stress and anxiety.

• The role exercise, sleep, hydration, and nutrition play in mental health.

• How to empower themselves to reach out for help when they need it

Big Daddy Tazz

After 30 years of denying he had the mental illnesses that were controlling his life, Big Daddy Tazz realized that being manic-depressive, attention deficit, and having mild dyslexia could either destroy or enhance his life… it was his choice. 

Often described as “one of the most talented comics in the business”, Big Daddy Tazz has been delighting crowds at fundraisers, corporate events, festivals and on television for more than a decade and a half. Known as the “Bi-Polar Buddha”, Tazz is equal parts comedian and motivational speaker, who likes to enlighten, educate and inspire. As a result, his one-man shows have drawn rave reviews and standing ovations from coast-to-coast.

Barb Campbell 

The Procrastination Epidemic 2021 (understanding your ” why” so you can learn the “how” of overcoming  feelings of guilt overwhelm worry doubt, etc, and start telling your brain how to get things done)