At a Reporting Meeting on January 7, delegates from United Nurses of Alberta locals participating in provincial bargaining overwhelmingly endorsed the UNA Negotiating Committee’s call for all members to ratify the Mediator’s recommendations for a new Provincial Collective Agreement with Alberta Health Services and other health care employers. 

In response to concerns by delegates who participated in the Reporting Meeting about the risk of spreading the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus during voting, the membership ratification vote will be conducted electronically using an online platform called Election Buddy.

🗳 Online polls will be open for all eligible UNA members from January 25, 2022, at 0001 hours until January 26 at 2359 hours.

There will be no in-person worksite voting, and the original January 17 polling date has been cancelled. There will be no advance polls.

In order to vote you will require your 2021 or 2022 UNA membership card.

If you do not have a UNA card, you must contact your local executive or email immediately for assistance obtaining your card.

To vote, you will be required to go to and verify your identity. You will be prompted to enter your local, member ID number, and the PIN from your membership card. Once verified, you will be able to vote.

As an eligible member of a UNA local covered by the Provincial Collective Agreement, you are strongly encouraged to have your say and participate in this vote.

The Negotiating Committee and the delegates to the Reporting Meeting both endorse ratification of the proposed agreement.

Information about the proposed agreement is also found at

If you have any questions, email