United Nurses of Alberta members need to be aware that Professional Liability Protection (PLP) is no longer automatic when Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners renew their registration this year.

CRNA now requires RNs and NPs to obtain Professional Liability Protection (PLP) through CNPS in order to renew their registration by September 1, 2022. The new cost of registration with CRNA is $529.08, excluding PLP and no longer includes CNA membership.

This means that in order to renew their registration RNs and NPs must register for Canadian Nurses Protective Society PLP through the CNPS or the new Alberta Association of Nurses (AAN).
This can be done in two ways:
1)    Through the AAN
2)    Directly from the CNPS

The annual cost of PLP is $88. Nurses who join the AAN can take advantage of the CPNS group rate of $68. The annual fee for AAN membership, which is voluntary, is $50.

For more information, please visit the linked information pages on the: UNA, CRNA, CPNS and AAN webpages